The Hungry Boy

The Cringe – Deep Girl

Madsol – Desar “Better Days Hip Hop” feat. Esoteric

Cracked Latin – Alone With You

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds – Another Ride

Drawing in Central Park – Timelapse

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds – Make It Rain featuring Maino

Maino: | Twitter: @mainohustlehard



From the CD ‘Alone With You’ by Cracked Latin: Ringtone of ‘Ringtone’ also available on itunes!


Smart Car

This piece aims to create pause and reflection in a world of accelerating progression of technology and human achievements. It is the flowers to stop and smell, so to speak.

Music by Real Estate:


In Coke We Trust

This animation plays on a loop, repeating unlimited duplications forever at 12 per second. The video will be projected on a 7 foot 4 inch square arrangement of 121 original frames.

More info


Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds – Make it Rain

Shot on September 23, 2011 at Sullivan Hall, NYC

Director, Producer, Editor – Jake Nelson

Photographer – Ryan Lee (

Cameramen – John Olivio and Demian Faulkner

Made possible by Modern Vintage Recordings.

Special thanks – Victor, Miriam, Karleena, Michael, Mark, Eshy, Patrick, Johnny, Ryan, Phil, JJ, Jackson, Arleigh, Bram, Aidan, Sasha, etc.


The Hungry Boy – TRAILER

In a universe of brushstrokes, this animated short follows a stream of consciousness – ‘The Hungry Boy’ on a quest for his next meal. In order to find his way to the family supper, he lives a whole life in seconds and overcomes challenges against his own existence.


5 thoughts on “Video

  1. Hey Jake, this is Elliott – The guy you met earlier. Your Reel is sick man. I love your visions. I would LOVE to give you a song and let you run with it. When I make another run at releasing some music, I’ll hit choo up and see if your interested. Thanx for directing me to your site man – Your reel is very inspiring. Great meeting you and much continued success.

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