Jake Nelson was born and raised in Oregon and went to film school in Los Angeles. He moved to New York in pursuit of creative freedom and started bringing his stories to life in the form of oil on canvas. While working as a freelance storyboard artist for advertising, he built up a body of paintings and showed in several galleries including the Dorian Grey Gallery in the East Village. He explores the synthesis of music and visual art by performing live paintings on stage at venues all across NYC including 92Y Tribeca, Highline Ballroom and Bowery Electric. Combining his love of painting and film, he found the true innovator’s medium: animation. His collaboration with Cem Kurtulus – “The Hungry Boy” – has toured the world’s animation festivals. Jake currently directs commercials¬†and is working on his next animation.

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  1. Hey, beautiful!
    This blog is a great move. Sometimes words are as good as pictures. The ink washes are really nice, but I still think the self portrait is a little scary. Hard. But it’s just a picture, right? I guess looking at yourself is sanity-making, as lonk as your glasses are Truth.
    Beautiful work, Jake. I like how the people in the sketches are so really seen. They are humans I want to meet. And as a photographer catches what he sees, and you can see what the photographer inspires in those he portrays, so I see some of the real you in the people you paint and sketch. You are fully present with your people. I love that about you!

  2. Your mom sent us your link. I really like your work! Your parents must be so very proud of you!

  3. Wow Jake,
    It’s been so awesome to see how your work has evolved and grown over the years. The east coast seems to agree with you :)

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