Howl Festival Tompkins – progress photos

This weekend I participated in Art Around the Park at the Howl Festival and painted the following piece in 1 day. It was nice to create outside in the finally summer NYC and hear all the kind words about my work. I’d like to share with you some photos of the progress:

9th_and_A_number2_0000_Layer 7 9th_and_A_number2_0001_Layer 6 9th_and_A_number2_0002_Layer 5 9th_and_A_number2_0003_Layer 4 9th_and_A_number2_0004_Layer 3 9th_and_A_number2_0005_Layer 2 9th_and_A_number2_0006_Layer 1 9th_and_A_number2_0007_Layer 0



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