live painting at the Parisers

4ft x 15ft acrylic on canvas

Painted in 4 hours during a party at my friend Eben’s place.


3 thoughts on “live painting at the Parisers

  1. Jake really kicked ass on this. I’m so lucky to have this as the center piece of my bedroom in my new apartment. It says a lot about someone’s artistic prowess when they can manage to be the star attraction at a party with a cocktail-fountain, and a DJ.

    1. And you know, humility is being who you really are, nothing more, and certainly no less. Then to see others as they are, with honor…Honor is the gift of being made in the image of God and recognizing that image in others. The painting is a treasure and so is he.
      Hey, nice to meet you, too, Eben. What a creative way to share your friends with each other: such a party as you had, and hopefully continue to share.

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