Forever a dreamer

I like the playful squiggle in lines drawn while riding the subway. It’s like the city contributes directly to the image.


NYC in Parallax – Acrylic on canvas, 76″ x 60″

This was the result of a live painting I performed on Governor’s Island, NYC, On September 27 and 28, 2014. nyc_parallax_sm

My aim was to paint all of the city on one canvas. I had Google Earth projected on my canvas. When someone would enter the room I’d ask them where in New York they lived or their favorite location. I sent the camera to that location and added it to the canvas. See progress photos below:


A gif I made for Splash the Band



The DJ had skills but the sound system was terrible. IMG_0021 copy

Salt Shaker

Drew this while sitting in Korzo waiting for my Goulash!IMG_0022 copy

Lonely Drum Set

I think the owner stepped out for a minute. IMG_0023 copy

Rufino Playing Pool

Super laid back pose. He musta been confident in the win. IMG_0024 copy