Battery Park (2015) 34×40 acrylic on canvas

This didn’t fit in my show, so I gave it to the pizza shop, my biggest fans. I like showing my paintings there the most of anywhere. battery_park_2015_34x40_acrylic on canvas

Bike lane no. 2 12×18 oil on street sign

Black to white, grey in between. bike_lane_no1_2015_12x18_oil on street sign

Bike lane no. 2 (2015) spraypaint and acrylic on street sign

Bike Lane sign modernized with the Citibikebike_lane_no2_2015_24x30_acrylic and spraypaint on street sign

bklyn2mnhtn (2015) 36×60 oil on canvas

This is what happens when you work in advertising too long. bklyn2mnhtn_2015_36x60_acrylic and oil on canvas

Carlito (2015) 6×12 oil on license plate

My homie from the neighborhood gave me the plate. I didn’t ask where he got it. carlito_2015_6x12_oil on license plate

City Mask (2015) 34×40 oil on canvas

This anonymous New York City girl has ambitions to save a drowning world. citymask2015_34x40_acrylic and oil on canvas

J train (2015) 31×43 oil on canvas

From Marcy to Barclaysjtrain2015_31x34_acrylic and oil on canvas