Jena Malone in Angelica (2014)

I enjoyed meeting Jena and had to tell her how great she was in Donnie Darko, even though I’m sure she’s heard it more than she wants to. IMG_0004 copy

Ed Stoppard in Angelica (2014)

I worked on the visual effects for this film. I drew this while on set applying the green-screens. IMG_0003 copy

Baja Mexico 2013

The only sketch I did in Baja this year. But I took about 1000 photos. IMG_0002 copy

The cook

It’s hard to cook dinner when Homer Simpson is eating your foot. IMG_0001 copy

Crow Stencil





Draft of the stencil for the Dirty Birds shirt.


Crow Stencil

Draft for a Dirty Birds T-shirt.


Precursor to Dirty Birds crow

I would get this tattoo.crow